A downloadable Collection of textures

All I have to say is that these are the textures of Baldi's Basics Plus. Enjoy!

Updated 2 days ago
Tagsbaldi, sprites

Install instructions

1. Download the collection of textures,

2. Copy the "Textures" folder to your desktop

3. Enjoy the collection of textures! (Use them in animations, decompiles, fangames, etc)


Textures.zip 3 MB


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You Are The Best

Can You Make A Baldi's Basics Plus Sounds?

I might do sounds when I have time.


I did.


Very helpful, but can you release the sounds of BB+?


I might do it soon.

how to use it for unity please for unity please unityunityunity


he means to get the decompile version

im talking that can iuse it from unity

where can i use it from unity?


omg this kid wants this to be on android. Kid, if u think u can do this go to a damn coding class or some crap like that.!

what do you mean

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2 months ago BaldisBasics4012 said 

Plz for android 😭😭

Im so sick of it. ya no wut i mean?


Rate my devkiko mod pls


Can you publish the textures from 0.2?

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I'll do it once I've played through the update.

EDIT: Done.

The baldi's basics plus is for pc


Plz for android 😭😭

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Uh... It's a collection of textures. Not a game. You can easily download the zip file to your tablet/phone, unzip the file and then you can enjoy the collection of textures!


bruh stop being a cry-baby. respect that its his choice to do textures on android. which he may not no how to do.

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No, because that's illegal.

Deleted 135 days ago

But, no. I don't want to get in trouble.

Deleted 135 days ago

ok kid


We can use this "wikipedia" for find all stuff of Baldi's Basics Plus, and more things lol

Yeah but it is too boring to download one file per download.

Will you publish the textures of V0.2 directly?


I don't know.

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liked this?

the portal poster overlay but with the saloon wall.

cool yeah.



your welcome.

Also l'm making Level Customator for BBFMD.


oh cool


It is really hard but l'm trying.

l did it!!!!!!!!!!

See my Gamejolt post.


Thank you so much for the BB+ textures!!!

l'm going to use them and when l'm done l'll credit you, 'cos you deserve it :D


No problem!

Can you also extract audio files?

I can do it when I have time.


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So you have these textures from the Copy of BB+?


You could not have chosen a more painful color scheme for this page

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Okay. I'm changing it now.

EDIT: I'm done.

thank you so much

No problem!

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Baldi classic mod?